Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just because it's Halloween.

The Boy is possessed!. Well, not really, although I'm sure all parents of 6 year olds must think that occasionally. I found these photos last night, which were taken on a visit we made to the Queensland Museum. I thought they were appropriately demonic for today. (hint: click to embiggen - the red eyes look so much more creepy that way!)

I didn't get much knitting done today as I was concentrating on things I need for my party costume. I needed a heart patch and a blue flower patch, and couldn't get hold of the pre-made iron-on type so I embroidered my own on a scrap of fabric and sewed them on. And I cut the sleeves off the flight suit.

The Man is taking part in Movember this year so I'm expecting a lot of laughs at goofy facial hair over the next month. He's photoshopped up this photo as an indication of what he will look like with a Mo. I think this should come with a disclaimer like one of those photos in catalogs. "Ferrari not included"

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