Monday, November 9, 2009

My name is Alexia, I'm a yarn addict

It's been 10 hours since my last yarn purchase......

I don't have as big a stash as some knitters I know, but it's sizable. I have 4 million tons (possibly a slight exaggeration) of acrylic from my early years when I didn't know any better, many odd balls of all sorts of stuff, and many projects worth of various yarns, some with mental project attached, some waiting for the perfect project to come along.

So I probably didn't need to make the purchases I did in the last couple of days.

But, oh, it was so much fun.

Yesterday I made a dash and grab run to Tangled Yarns to pick up a present for a friend's birthday. No hints in case she's peeking. While I was there I was seduced by the Cascade Ecological Wool in the very sexy chocolate colourway. You can never have too much chocolate, but I stopped at two hanks because that's what I need for an Owls sweater. Since I've bought it I've read that the Eco Wool runs a little thinner than the Rowan Purelife British Sheep Blends called for in the pattern and a lot of people have had trouble getting gauge. I hope I haven't made a mistake. Or at least any mistake bigger than thinking that it was a good idea to knit this sweater despite the fact that I live in Brisbane. (Although, I figure that since I fell in love with a bloke who loves to ski, and since I love to hang out with said bloke, even on ski-fields, and since I don't like being cold, my owlies could well get more wear than you might expect from my home address.)

Today I took advantage of the Bendigo Woollen Mills end-of-year sale to pick up some other stuff I wanted for a huge queue of projects.

9 balls of Luxury 10 ply in Blue Denim for The Man's Hero Pullover, and for my Shawl Collar Vest
6 balls of Luxury 8 ply in Forest for a Chicknits Eyelet Cardi and a Gooseberry Cardigan, both for me
3 balls of Luxury 8 ply in Mink for a Margot for me
2 balls of Luxury 4 ply in Oceanic for a shawl for me
1 ball of Luxury 4 ply in Leaf for baby clothes
3 balls Cotton 8 ply in Denim Cotton for a dress for my niece.

I think I will be set for a while with this little lot.

Oh - and how did that get there? It must have fallen into my bag, honest!

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