Monday, November 23, 2009

Doctor, Doctor, it hurts when I do this....

I have a very sore wrist. I blame Farmville, a farming game on Facebook which involves a large amount of repetitive mouse use. It's certainly the only change to my routine that I think is likely to have caused the wrist pain. It even hurts to knit. So I am resting my right wrist and I have it wrapped in a bandage. I've moved my mouse at work to the left hand side which gives me the giggles because I am totally uncoordinated mousing with my left hand! So I have quit Farmville so that I don't risk worsening my Repetitive Farmville Injury.

So no knitting for the time being. I'm hoping it will heal up quickly as I want to get back to the Stripy Booga Bag, which needs to be finished for the 11th of December, and is now only about 14 rows of black bag base.


And I'm really excited with how Margot is going, and all I want to do is keep knitting on it.

But, still, this enforced knitting break will give me the opportunity to finish these

and read this

And if I still run out of things to do, I've got these.

Oh - in the comments, Maria asks how I can knit in the heat...well, I guess I don't at the moment, but I find that as long as the knitting is small enough I'm okay. Once it's big enough to sit in my lap I can't do it if it's too hot. Air conditioning is a blessing. 


  1. Ouch! Your poor wrist! I was addicted to Farmville and a bunch of other Facebook games there for a while. It was all I did for a few months. Now I'm back to knitting. I hope your wrist feels better soon!

  2. I think I have rsi in my left thumb and now in my right elbow, I think this is from knitting & crocheting every day for about 2 years. I know I should rest them but I can't stop! Hope your wrist recovers soon!