Sunday, November 15, 2009

Burn, baby burn

Ever do something stupid? I slipped while making a cup of coffee this morning and burned my finger on the steam wand of the coffee machine. I didn't think it was all that bad at the time but it has formed a small blister.

This shows where I carry the yarn while I'm knitting - it's far enough away to continue to knit, but close enough to make me nervous. It's pretty sore, too. All that for a cup of coffee.

In the comments, Krista asked if the new camera makes it easier to take good photos - and I think it does. It definitely takes much better photos than my  basic point and shoot camera,it's encouraged me to think more about how I set up my photos, and it gives me many more options. (Of course, the flip side of lots of options is that there are many more ways to screw things up!) There's lots more to learn, and I have to take time out from knitting to do it, but I'm sure I will continue to improve. 


  1. Ow you poor thing! I burnt my hand recently too and was also so concerned with how I would hold yarn. I hope it heals really quickly.

  2. oh ouchy! I just commented on a post in October saying I thought you hadn't posted in a while turns out I was at fault, not actually looking at November, lol!!!! I should think before I speak, lol.