Thursday, November 5, 2009

That's why I'm starting with me

I love to sing. I sang in the school choir all the way through primary and high schools and with the staff choir in my first job. But I haven't really sung in public since then. So when a colleague, knowing my interest in choral music, told me that his family was involved in the QYC, and I found out that they have a non-auditioned community choir for the over 26's, my interest was piqued.

I went along for my first Vox Populus rehearsal last night and I loved it. I don't know whether I'm an alto or a soprano (I sang both at various times in high school) but I don't suppose that matters as I was able to hit all the notes in both parts last night, so I guess I'll go wherever I'm needed.

I especially enjoyed the opportunity to sing Michael Jackson's Man in the Mirror, which I love as a choral piece. Lots of fun.

On the knitting front, I got the body of Dad's vest done and have put it aside to concentrate on some gifts I've decided to make for The Boy's Teacher (to say thank you for teaching him this year), and some birthdays in the family.

Gift #1 - Sophie by Julie Anderson of Black Sheep Bags
I've made lots of these. It's a great pattern. This one is in Carnival Pure Wool 8 ply from the stash.

I'm thinking of trying out some needle-felting on this one once it's felted - possibly some flowers, with the stalks and leaves in needle-felting and the flower heads made from buttons.

I don't know what I'm going to do for the other two bags. I'm thinking that with the deadline ahead of me (they must be complete by the 10th of December) I'll be best to stick to either another Sophie or a Booga Bag as I have memorised both patterns and they're ultra simple (and look quite good). I'd like to have a go at some of the bags in Bag Style, but I think I might try some of them when I have a little bit more time, and when it's not going to matter when I want to keep them for myself!

After they're all done, I'm going to make some stuff for The Man and me.

The man is getting a Hero Pullover, with the ribbing all over instead of the chevron pattern, probably in BWM Luxury 10ply, Blue Denim.

Then I'm getting greedy. I want two Chicknits Eyelet Cardigans, a Margot, an Owl Sweater and a Shawl Collar Vest. I fell in love with the Shawl Collar Vest when I saw Salihan's. Some will be from stash, some from BWM.

(so I guess I'm starting and finishing with me!)

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  1. Oh I love the youtube video! what a unique and beautiful version of probably my favourite of Michaels songs. I so wish I could sing in a group like that but if you looked up tone deaf in the dictionary it would have my picture next to it, lol. (I still sing I just make sure that I'm alone and no howling dogs can hear, lol)