Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Up until this evening, Uncle George had been doing really well. They drained the fluid from his lungs last week and he had improved a bit almost immediately. He had slowly got better little by little each day, and was sitting in his wheelchair. But we got bad news today that he has got a bad infection. I don't know anymore but it doesn't sound good.

And, in what now seems to be incredibly trivial news, I found out this evening that the new Doctor Who companion for the 4th season will be Catherine Tate, reprising her "The Runaway Bride" character of Donna. I guess I can understand the idea behind it, going from a companion the Doctor fell in love with (Rose) to a companion who fell in love with the Doctor and he just liked her (Martha) to a companion who is so blinking annoying that I can't imagine anyone being prepared to stay in a room with her.......(good thing the TARDIS is really really big inside). I'm just really disappointed - I actually found her character annoying enough that it might just turn me off watching the show - and this is a show that I am obsessed with, and have a withdrawal-like reaction to the end of a series...... The Man reckons that I'll watch it anyway, and I have to admit he's probably right, but I don't have to like Donna, do I? I won't do it, I won't! (pardon me while I pout, suck my thumb and find my blankie...)

Oh, and I see the Gastroenterologist tomorrow morning. He now does earlier appointments so I'm able to have an 8am appointment and get to work earlier (up until recently the earliest appointment was 9am, which usually meant it was after 10 before I got to work).....