Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who let the frogs out?

I've been knitting bags as gifts for The Boy's teacher and for a couple of family birthdays in December. I've finished knitting two of them, and one has been languishing. It's a blue stripy Booga Bag made with double strands of DK. I realised a little while ago that it was turning out a bit big. It was 25x14cm on the base and after the requisite 64 rows would have been 42cm tall. I've found in the past that bags made this way don't lose a lot of their size when they felt, and while it was probably not too humungous as a tote bag, it was taking a lot of yarn and I was approaching the point where I would ahve to decide whether to buy more or to make the top of the bag a radically different colour to the bottom.

If I hadn't lost interest in the knitting, none of these things would have been insurmountable. But, somehow, the thought of ripping it all out and making it smaller is more palatable than slogging through to the end.

I'm going to make it 28x28 rows on the base rather than the 34x34 called for in the pattern, and 52 rows rather than 64 for the sides. That should give me a bag which is 20.5 x 11.5 x 33.8cm in dimensions before blocking. I think that should make for a perfectly acceptable bag.

My Bendigo Woollen Mills order still hasn't turned up. I'll try and call them tomorrow. Hopefully it's just that they are busy with their sale and not that it has gone awol in the post.

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  1. Love the frogs.
    BWM orders take about a week to get to me - a little slow but ok for me. Can't wait to see a photo of the entire order