Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Third time lucky?

Well, this is the third time I've done the ribbing and the fourth time I've done the first few rows of stocking stitch on Dad's alpaca vest. It looks okay but I'm trying hard not to get excited about it until I've done enough stocking stitch to really know that I'm still getting something close to the right tension.

I ended up having to go down to 3mm needles for the ribbing and 3.25mm needles for the stocking stitch. It feels really weird to be knitting with needles that size on an adult garment. I don't usually knit with anything finer than 8ply/DK and until now that's always been on 4mm or 4.5mm needles. I tend to mentally associate 3.25mm needles with baby clothes and with knitting that takes forever to get anywhere. But I figure that since I'm getting the same gauge that I would normally get on the larger needles, then it will go at the same pace. I could be wrong there, I often am!

The Queensland Youth Choir concert on Sunday night was great. The choirs and various ensembles were really talented and the show was put together really well. Voice Works performance of Billy Joel's "And So it Goes" was my favourite of the night, but there were a lot of other great performances. I've sent away an enquiry for more info on Vox Populus (the community choir for the over 26's) and may even join up if the planets are in alignment. I haven't really sung outside of the house or the car for a long time!

Seeing The Idea of North live was a highlight too. They were amazing, even giving the audience the chance to sing along with them on the end of "Isn't She Lovely"so now I can say that I've sung with The Idea of North at QPAC. They were signing CD's after the concert as well, so I bought some of their CD's and had a brief chat while they were signing. They were all really friendly and I got the distinct impression that they would have been more comfy in jeans at a BBQ than in their fancy performance clothes. I haven't met many Australian performers but I'm glad that the few I have met seemed to be friendly, down to earth people. Of course, I'm passing judgement on talking to these people for all of 10 seconds!

It's only a little thing, but I love that I can now get in Lulu and drive to things like the concert. I know it's completely environmentally unfriendly of me and I should be catching buses and walking but the independence my ability to drive now affords me is special. And I suppose that you could argue that I wasn't polluting for all those years that I wasn't driving between the ages of 18 and 34....

I've got a bit of a cold and a sore throat at the moment and I'm feeling kind of miserable. I don't even feel that much like knitting, which is not like me at all. I guess it's a good thing that I have a basic project like Dad's vest on the go so that I can just pick it up and knit for a bit without having to think about it. I just hope that the gauge is really right this time though, because if it isn't, I think I'm just going to cast off on the 10cm band of ribbing and find an elephant that needs a head-band.

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