Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, I've got Friday on my mind

Monday again. The weekend always flies by so quickly!

The Boy is back from school holidays with his grandparents and School went back today. I asked him how his day went and got the standard response..."Bad". No elaboration, so I don't know what in particular was bad about today, but I guess I'd better get used to being told only what he chooses to tell me....Some days I wish I was six years old again, but I'm glad I don't have to go through those teenage years again.

I got my copy of The Knitter number 8 at the newsagent today. I notice we're two issues behind here but that may be to try and be a bit closer to our seasons. I like the Lacy Blouse and the Caper cotton jumper. Some of the other patterns are nice to look at but I can't see myself knitting them.

Unusually, on the way to the bus this afternoon I saw another woman reading the same magazine. Part of me wanted to catch her attention and show my copy in some strange act of solidarity but I just smiled and walked past.

I've finished off a number of little baby tops for a plethora of new little people - three Felix's Cardigans and a Tie-front Bolero. They've all had a soak in some Soak and are drying after their wet-blocking. They should be ready for packaging up for the new Mummies and Daddies tomorrow.

I've also started a plain v-neck vest for my Dad in some Bendigo 8ply Alpaca I purchased for a jacket for Mum (and decided not to use as I thought the jacket would be too heavy for the alpaca and would pull out of shape). I did a tubular cast on and so far I've done 7 out of 24 rows of k1 p1 rib. I'm doing it in the round so there's 4 stitches less to get all the way round but each 246 stitch round still takes a long time. It should be a bit quicker once I get to the miles and miles of plain stocking stitch. :)

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