Saturday, October 24, 2009

There's a possum in the garbage bin

Some time ago our green wheelie bin had a bit of an accident and it's been missing its lid ever since. We should probably contact the council and get a new one but not having a lid doesn't really stop it doing a good job as a bin, and while this may change as we really come into summer, it hasn't really smelled much or attracted many flies, so we haven't bothered.

Today we discovered a reason why we should probably make the call to the nice council people on Monday. I went out this afternoon to throw down some rubbish, and when I looked over the edge of the deck, I could see a little furry grey body sitting in amongst the garbage. A brush-tailed possum had obviously been looking for some food, and had fallen in and been unable to get out.

We turned the bin on its side and encouraged it to come out, whereupon it scampered up one of the brick pilings supporting the house and found a place to rest at the top, sitting on one of the wooden supports of the deck. The poor thing is still there, probably waiting until dark so he can make his way back home. He doesn't appear to be hurt in any way, just quite freaked out.

Well, I think I would be pretty freaked out if I'd fallen into someone's garbage bin and couldn't get out!

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