Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sometimes it's a good idea to read the pattern......

I started a plain v-neck vest for Dad on Sunday night, in some Bendigo 8ply Alpaca that I had originally purchased for another project, then changed my mind. I did my usual trick of using the needle size recommended for the body of the garment rather than the needle size stated for the ribbing (I don't like my ribbing to pull in too much), but after 17.5 rows of k1p1 ribbing I realised that it was looking a little bit flabby and stretched already. I don't know if it would pull out of shape badly in the finished vest but I've read that Alpaca can stretch and sag a bit. This is the first time I've worked with alpaca so I don't know from experience. I wasn't prepared to risk it so I ripped it all last night and started again with the 3.25mm needles called for in the pattern. Now it looks like this.

Not much to show for all that work, but I think it has a better chance of being good in the end. At least I hope so.

A colleague at work visited my desk today and gave me a flyer for a concert this weekend. His family are involved with the Qld Youth Choir, who are having a concert on Sunday night to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. I love choral music so I was interested anyway, but they have a stellar lineup of other singers performing as well, including The Idea Of North, who I've wanted to see live since I first heard of them. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll leave you with this link to The Idea Of North's gorgeous rendition of Isn't She Lovely, which I just love.

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