Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Lady is a Tramp

Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls go everywhere. Mae West

I'm getting used to the lace on the February Lady Sweater and have gained enough confidence to start carrying it everywhere. I'm knitting lace while I wait at the dentist, on the bus, and at work in my lunch hour. On the weekend I took her to the open day at the Boy's school, and upon finding a mistake I couldn't fix in place, I tinked three rows on the walk home. (Yes, despite the fact that I'm blonde, I can tink and walk at the same time. It just slows me down a little)

I'm happy with how she's going. The body is now 36 cm long. I'm entertaining thoughts of getting it finished in time for an upcoming trip to Sydney but that might be a pipe dream. I've decided that I might do shorter sleeves and not sew the ends in well, so that I can rip out the garter stitch cuffs and complete the sleeves later. I expect to have lots of knitting time on Friday, the day of my colonoscopy as morning routine means that it's easier for me to be at the hospital an hour earlier than they need me.

I've started the low-fibre diet required for the preparation for the colonoscopy. I can eat various foods, including tomatoes and cucumbers, but I've had to cut the seeds out. There isn't much left of a cucumber after you've removed the seeds!

I also got the pieces of the cabled cardy washed and sort-of blocked. I've done the shoulders with 3-needle bind offs (the second one only took 7 attempts to get right!) and I've marked up one sleeve cap ready to be sewn in.

I finished my Sister's 30th birthday present last night also. Photos of that once I've given it to her, as I don't want to spoil the surprise. 

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