Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've had two days off work to try and recover my brain from its burnout. I am still tired and not entirely on top of my game, but I feel a lot better. I may need a few more strategically placed long weekends but I think I can get on top of it all. 

I finished the February Lady yesterday, just in time to wear her in my attempt to catch up with the Brisbane Stitch and Bitch for the first time. I say attempt because the whole expedition began with me driving nervously all over the place (I still don't like night driving) and confusing my poor GPS, which had to keep recalculating, continued with me hovering in the back garden of the cafe trying to identify knitters by the sheer force of my will until people started looking strangely at the creepy lady who was looking at everyone, and ended with me drinking my peppermint tea at a table for one and going home.

Anyway, I think it looks beautiful, although if I make another one I might add more stitches at the front as it seems to fit everywhere except across the front. That's okay, because I like to wear my cardigans open, but it might be nice to have the choice to wear it buttoned up if I want to.

This photo was from before I sewed the ends in. I'll have to get more photos with me actually wearing it at another time. 

I took a trip out to Spotlight and picked up some sale yarn - 10 balls of Moda Vera Mousse (Wool/Soya blend) in lavender,  6 balls of Moda Vera Kid Mohair Blend (Kid Mohair/Nylon) in Ice Blue, all $2 per ball, and various odd balls - some various jewellery findings, crimping pliers, needle felting equipment and a Spiderman quilt cover set for The Boy. He's had a Bob The Builder one for ages so I think he needs something a little more grown-up.

Anyway, I'm off to do some work. It's nice that I only have to work for three days before I get a weekend.  I wish it were that way every week!

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