Monday, April 2, 2007

there's a first time for everything.

Yes - I actually finished a knitting project! More than one even. I hear you scoff, but it's true. Really. I promise.

We did a big tidy up of the garage on Saturday and I transferred all of my knitting yarn and bits and pieces into some plastic crates to store on the shelves rather than in a pile of boxes in the bedroom. In the process I collected a big box of unfinished projects and resolved to finish at least a few of them. By the end of Sunday I'd finished three jumpers, two hats and a teddy bear. Okay, so two of the jumpers only needed buttons, but they were unfinished then and they are finished now so I'll count them. The other jumper was The Boy's Wee Willy Winky jumper, on which I finally worked out how to do the collar. Yay.

Wee Willy Winky Jumper

A stripy jumper
Oh, and I applied for a job today. It sounds like a good job on paper but when I spoke to the recruitment agent this morning it turns out that there's already someone in the role, so I don't know what that means for other applicants. Oh well, if all it is, is a way to boost my confidence and get my head thinking about a new job, then that's a good thing!
What I'm listening to today: Republica - Ready to Go (You may know it as the Holden Astra Commercial music); Sarah McLachlan's "Ordinary Miracle" from the movie Charlotte's Web (really really gorgeous song - listen out for it!)


  1. Good for you - the jumpers look great.

    Hope you find the job of your dreams soon.

  2. Good to see you are keeping up the great knitting - the jumpers look really good.
    Keep trying for a job - this time hopefully you will get a job with less stress attached
    David and Estelle are expecting first baby 1st week in October and Alicia is due 18 September - population explosion - Love Mum