Friday, March 30, 2007


It's been a funny old week really - some days I felt really good, and others, like today.... well, let's just say that it just reminded me why I need to get out of my job. Only two weeks to go now, and there's two public holidays in the middle so it's only 8 more days! I guess that means I'm not that far off from being officially out of work, which is scary, but I've made my bed now so there's no point complaining. At least I'll get paid out for about 8 days leave so I'll effectively get paid for a week and a half

Tonight The Boy and I sorted socks and I taught him how to work out if two socks match - we started with "they just do" and worked our way through to "they're the same colour, they're the same length, they have the same letters on them". I'm so proud of him.

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