Saturday, April 14, 2007

Get a haircut and get a real job...

Well, I don't actually need the haircut, and indeed, probably can't really afford it at the moment, but I do need the job. I am now officially unemployed.

I finished up at Suncorp on Friday - got as much work finished and neatly handed over as I could, had a farewell drink, gave everyone a hug and went home. Nuff said, really.

Today I had my first driving lesson with the lovely, patient Ali. While I've driven before (a long time ago), it was my first go at driving a manual car, and I'm very proud of the fact that I didn't stall or bunny hop, and only had a few minor mishaps. I did drive verrrry slowly, which probably annoyed a few people in the back streets near where I live, but I got through the lesson quite well, I think. I have another lesson booked for Monday week, which was the first time Ali had in his diary.

Now all I have to do is find a new job so that I can pay for my driving lessons.....Oh, and the ski boots I'm buying next week!

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