Sunday, February 18, 2007

What time is it now, Daddy?

We had a good day today. We had a quiet morning, but I found a box downstairs that had a few UFO's (unfinished objects) in it and did some work on a few pieces. The Boy's jumper is still in the naughty corner but I got the shoulders and half a sleeve attached on a teal wrap cardigan I started about two years ago, and finished the front and knitted half a sleeve for a lavender baby jumper that I started goodness knows when. Both balls of yarn in the bag with it have lost their ball bands so apart from being 8 ply acrylic, I don't even know what the yarn is. It's a pretty colour though. It will be good to finish it as I will have a girl's baby jumper packed away with the boy's one I've already done so I will be prepared for any eventuality. Well, any which doesn't involve more than one baby of the same sex!

This afternoon we went to visit The Boy's best friend and his parents for a BBQ. We were due to be there at 3.30pm and he was asking all day - Can we go yet? (not yet, sweetie, not for another 5 hours) What time is it now? (about 20 minutes after you last asked...)

We had a great time. The Boy's friend has a gorgeous baby brother, who is only a few months old, and did I say he's gorgeous? I love how relaxing it is to just sit on the deck and talk to good friends and watch the kids "hunt for sharks" in the backyard. Then we had a great meal and a Heaven Raspberry and White Chocolate ice-cream for dessert. What more could you want from a Summer's evening?

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