Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cough cough, splutter

After sleeping nearly all day on Monday, I felt okay to go to work on Tuesday. I was still a little tired but I got through the day. Wednesday I woke up with a really sore throat but I still went to work. During the day I got really tired and tight in the chest, and by the afternoon I was also light headed and having trouble getting up the stairs at The Boy's daycare.

The Man insisted on me visiting the doctor, who declared that I had a chest infection and prescribed me a day off work and the biggest antibiotics I've ever seen.

I rested all day on Thursday and went back to work yesterday. This morning my chest is still tight and the cold has also moved up into my throat and sinuses so I'm coughing, my face, nose and ears are hurting and I can't taste anything. I'm trying to take it easy today - we're going to see The Man's Mum and Dad this afternoon, but that just involves me sitting in a car for an hour or so each way and sitting on the couch when I get there.
I've been knitting a bit too. I still haven't finished The Boy's jumper (I'm nearly there but the shawl collar wasn't behaving so it's in the naughty corner for a while) but I felt a need to knit yesterday at lunchtime so I went into town and got some yarn and needles and started a baby jumper. I'll post photos when I get around to taking some. :)

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