Monday, September 13, 2010

What?!!! No allen key?

These bookshelves (Billy, by IKEA) disappointed by not containing one single fastener that required the use of an allen key. I thought EVERYTHING at IKEA, even the swedish meatballs, required assembly using an allen key. Obviously I'm wrong (and despite the fact that the restaurant was almost full when we left the store, not one single person was eating their meal using an allen key, so I must be wrong there too!)

But, they are proving their usefulness by allowing me to turn this...

Into this...

Well, not quite.  I still have about 5 boxes of books to go, and three more 80cm wide Billy bookcases. Of course, we measured incorrectly and at least one of the bookcases, and possibly two, are not going to fit in the room. We hope the lovely people at IKEA will take them back and exchange them for other attractive and functional Scandinavian self-assembly furniture with unusual names. 

And now I can start using the emptied moving boxes to try and organise the craft room. Currently it looks like this.

...which is completely unmanagable, but at least is serving to remind me how much cool stuff I have in the stash.


  1. my immediate reactions to those last 2 shots were Eek! followed quickly by Ooooh!
    Yay for storage solutions, Ikea do have that one down pat

  2. And hopefully with Allen keys. We assembled two sets of bunks last year with Allen keys. It was not fun.