Friday, August 13, 2010

One of the reasons I love my family

I had a rotten day yesterday. Crazy busy, trying to manage about 5 or 6 serious problems at once, and to top it all off, our new staff member, who has been with us for under 2 weeks, decided that it wasn't the job for him, and resigned.

I had to stay late to take care of some of the issues, and stumbled in the door at home at 9.30, tired and cold from the walk from the bus in the wind.

When I got inside, The Boy was really excited and told me that he had made something to cheer me up after my bad day. I walked into the games room to find this:  

It's a Doctor and TARDIS made from Lego. Some artistic licence, and some forced by the available Lego pieces, but just gorgeous nonetheless, and just perfect to cheer me up after a nasty day.

Have I ever told you I love my family?

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