Thursday, September 23, 2010


This is not the first yarn I've spun on my spinning wheel, but it is the first that I'm really proud of. It's 19.5micron merino from Highland Felting and Fibre Supplies, which I hand-dyed with Queen's food colouring before spinning. It is incredibly soft.

I'm not certain what this is going to become, but I know it is going to be something for me. I think a nice soft drapy scarf will be nice.

ps - I've been writing a long post about my spinning wheel but it isn't quite finished yet - I need to get a couple more photos. Hopefully it will be finished soon.


  1. that's SUCH beautiful yarn! you have every reason to be proud of it! i look forward to seeing what you make with it.

  2. That is simply gorgeous yarn. I see how proud you are of it, and I would be too. Very nice. Great color and texture.

  3. Beautiful colour, can't wait to see what it becomes

  4. Such gorgeousness. This looks squishy and wonderful!