Saturday, January 19, 2008

Only one more sleep until The Boy goes to Lalla's. He's very excited.

I took some photos of my recent knitting and when I loaded the photos onto my laptop I noticed that I'd never uploaded the photos from the construction of The Boy's cubby on the 30th of December. Lalla and Poppy came down from Caloundra with the car and the ute, completely loaded up with cubby bits and proceeded with lots of help from David, and The Man and a little bit of help from me, to construct most of a gorgeous cubby. Rain on the 31st put the kybosh on finishing it, but the construction team (minus The Man and I) resumed work on the 2nd of January and got all but the back wall done.

So it went from this:

To this:

To this:
So far, The Boy has stubbornly refused to move out of the house into the cubby, but we can only hope. I know that it doesn't have a back wall yet, but that's got to be good for ventilation, right?
The eagle-eyed among you may have realised that the photos show not only the construction of a cubby, but the disappearance of a pair of cocos palms. The nice Energex men came during the week and removed them as they were too close to power lines. We are happy about this. I love trees, but these were ugly and dangerous - the huge heavy fronds would die and hang around on the trunks for ages resisting all efforts to pull them down until they would suddenly decide to fall without warning, always in danger of pulling power lines down with them, and sometimes in danger of falling on someone's head.
But it does look a little bit bare there now.

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