Thursday, January 17, 2008

My friend the NullPointerException

Ahh. The life of a partly competent java programmer. I spent way too much of today struggling with a NullPointerException in some code I'm working on. Of course I started by trying to fix what seemed to be the sensible cause of the error, but of course it turned out to be the totally obvious, I was stupid to even think it would ever work part of the code that was causing the error! Oh well, it's fixed now.

Time to move on to something more exciting. KNITTING! I'm knitting a lot for N and P's unborn little boy - a couple of pairs of Cargo pants, Anny Purl's Peace Baby jumper and a pair of booties are at various stages of not being completed. Photos later, I promise. I haven't taken any yet. Oh, and I also made a "wine sock" from Yarn Magazine, issue 1, for Lisa's birthday.

The Man and I passed one of the greatest milestones a relationship can confront on the weekend. Assembling self-assembly furniture without dismembering each other. It was only a little bookcase from Officeworks but I see it as a good omen. :)

The Man and The Boy are counting down the days until their respective holidays. The Man is going to Lalla's this Sunday and will be going with her to Adelaide for Lisa's birthday. He can't wait and keeps trying to insist that there are less sleeps than there actually are, and then getting angry when we correct him. He seems to think that if he can just insist hard enough, he'll really succeed in making there be less days between now and Sunday than there actually are.

In truth, I think The Man would like to do the same thing (reduce the number of days) until he goes to Japan on the 25th. He did a test pack of his cases on the weekend to see how much weight he had. He's quite restricted on his internal flight from Tokyo to Sapporo, and with his skis taking up 11kg, he needs to make sure he can fit in some clothing! He's on the web every evening checking out the weather and ski conditions in Niseko.... I hope it's good for him over there when he gets there.

Just so I wasn't left out, I applied for a day off today. Just one, but I've tacked it onto a long weekend so I get 4 days off while the boys are away. I'm going to go to the movies to see Sweeney Todd, get a haircut and maybe a massage or a facial. I've just found out that I'm getting a sizable tax refund and a nice little pay rise so I think I can splurge a tiny little bit!

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