Friday, February 12, 2010

On your marks, get set....

I signed up for the Knitting Olympics this morning. I wasn't going to do it as I've got unfinished projects that I want to complete and taking on a whole other project that had to be started and finished within 17 days just seemed beyond me, but as I thought this morning, the Knitting Olympics only comes round once every 4 years so I should at least have a go. If I fail, at least I failed while having a go, and that doesn't seem any worse than not failing because I was sittting on the sidelines not even trying. 

I will be asleep during the actual opening ceremony (it runs from 4am-6am tomorrow morning where I am) but I will be casting on soon after I get up. I'm attempting the Chicknits Eyelet Cardi, which I've had on my queue for a while. I made it once before but it was a little bit small so I'm making the next size up. 

I'm even making it in a beautiful forest green that could represent my country with a little yellow thrown in!

Go team Lexy!


  1. Lexy - you can sign p and finish UFO's! And the Opening Ceremony starts at 11.30 with kick off officially at 12noon - well that is what time the TV guide says anyway:)

    Have fun -I am knitting myself a FLS

  2. Yup. She is right. 12 noon Bris Vegas time is your official cast-on time, unless you really want to have a midday nap (and I won't say a word). It is all legit, I swears it :D