Monday, August 24, 2009

Does anyone know where winter went?

Winter is well and truly over. It's been around 30 degrees celsius for the last few days and forecast for 33 today. I haven't got around to sending my nephew's jumper down to Sydney and I suspect that I may have missed my chance. It's not quite as warm in Sydney as it is in Brissy at the moment but it will still be 27 degrees there today. Too warm for wooly jumpers. I think I'd better get it in a postpack as quickly as I can and send it down just in case there happens to be some cooler evenings. Unfortunately in the nature of finishing woolen clothing for 1 year old kiddies, the jumper will be too small for him next year.

The Man was away at Perisher for the weekend so, with looking after the Boy, I didn't get much knitting done. I got down as far as the lace on the February Lady and I've done 1 repeat of the lace plus one row. I got a little distracted when the Man got home so I didn't get any photos but it's starting to look interesting.

I'm still working on a birthday project for my sister, who turned 30 yesterday. We're going down for a party in a few weeks so I've got a little while to get it done. I was intending to do some embellishment on it using some silver Rowan Shimmer but that hasn't been working out too well so I think I may have to put the FLS aside and give the birthday gift some effort in the evenings.

I still haven't got to the washing and blocking of the cabled cardy bits. At this rate, I could wait until next year because it will be too hot to wear!

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