Sunday, July 6, 2008

Am I bovvered? Yeah - I think I am a bit.

I just watched the last episode of the fourth season of Doctor Who. On the whole I really enjoyed it, a few plot holes and it was cheesier than a big bag of Dorito's, but it was fun.

However, (and this is going to expose a major turn-around in thought) I was a bit disappointed at the way they left poor Donna. Catherine Tate has grown on me amazingly during this season to the point where I think Donna may have been my favourite Doctor's companion of the new series. I understand that they couldn't just leave her running around the universe in the state she ended up in but I thought leaving her that way was sad. And someone give Bernard Cribbins a Bafta. (or another Bafta if he already has one or more). The man's a brilliant, understated genius.

But with that out of the way, hurry up Christmas.

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