Friday, May 16, 2008

Is there a collective noun for birthdays?

We have a birthday cluster in my family at the moment. Yesterday was Doug's birthday and the Man's brother's birthday. Today is the birthday of The Man himself. (Yep - The Man and his brother were born two years and one day apart). Also, yesterday, my sister N gave birth to a gorgeous little boy, so we have a fair bit of celebrating to do. Happy birthday everyone!

My nephew was born after what was apparently a fairly long labour for nowadays. Not having actually been through labour myself, I think that any period of time would be fairly long, so my hat's off to Sis. Well done. It's a pretty impressive thing, making a person, so we're proud of her and her hubby. The Nephew is apparently eating well and pooping well and sleeping well and being generally extremely well behaved so that's got to be a good thing. He was 8lbs 10 ounces which sounds like a very healthy weight to me.

Despite the fact that today was not my birthday, I did receive a present of sorts. My wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills arrived. It seems to be lovely, although I am having some trouble with the "Classic" yarn I bought to make a Cleckheaton cabled jacket. Due to the plying and twisting process (I'm not certain of the exact terms), the twist is in the opposite direction from most (all?) other yarn I've ever used. I'm finding that as a result, it is untwisting with the action of my hands as I knit with it which is meaning that it's really splitty on the needles and I have to keep going back and fixing missed stitches where I've worked only a third of the yarn! It looks nice knitted up though so I should have a nice finished product provided I take a little more care in the construction. The colours are beautiful too, and the other yarn I got (Rustic) has the twist in the "correct" direction so I won't have the same problem with it.

I've missed blogging quite a lot of interesting stuff in the last month and a bit so I'll have to catch up soon.

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