Sunday, January 8, 2012

No bones about it.

We went away for a week and a half from the 24th of December. Drove to Sydney to spend 5 days with my family, then out to Orange to have New Years with the Man's Aunt and Uncle, and came home up the Newell Highway, with a day at Western Plains Zoo on the way. The Man wanted to take his car (which makes sense, as it's larger and much more comfortable to travel in than my tiny hatchback) and as it's a manual, which I'm not licenced to drive, it meant I was going to get a lot of time in the passenger seat. A lot of knitting time. 

Knitting for the trip down was pretty much sorted, as I was attempting to finish a One Row Lace Scarf (rav link) for my Grandma for christmas, but I needed a project for when that was finished. 

I'd recently bought two skeins of beautifully dyed worsted merino from the lovely Helena at The Good Sheep, so I set about finding something nice to make with them. I finally settled on Saroyan (rav link), a simple scarf with a leaf edging, knitted side-to-side with the edging knitted as you go, named for Dr Camille Saroyan from the TV series "Bones". I started out with the recommended 6mm needles but got too loose a gauge and the knitting looked flabby and awful. I switched to 5.5mm needles and got the recommended gauge. 

I've done 4 increase sections rather than the recommended 6 as I thought it was wide enough for me by that point. I didn't really like how it was turning out at first, but it is starting to grow on me. I think I might make another one later, but I will use the alternate leaf edging I found on ravelry as I think it looks prettier. I've got some yarn leftover from the cardigan I made for Grandma last year that I'm thinking of dyeing myself.

And here, just for the complete adorable-ness, is a photo of one of the meerkats at Western Plains Zoo. It was worth the price of admission just to see them!


  1. Beautiful! I've been eyeing Saroyan on and off, and now that I see yours, I'm thinking of giving it a go. It's stunning.

  2. Thank you! I think Helena's beautiful yarn has a lot to do with it, it's such a joy to work with lovely materials.