Sunday, November 14, 2010

I’m still here

I thought I’d better pop in and let you know that I’m still alive and still doing stuff, I just haven’t really been able to put enough cohesive thoughts together for sensible blog posts.
Work has been extremely busy. The job I do means that we have a rush towards the end of every year and it has been particularly hectic this year. I’ve been very stressed out and probably haven’t been the nicest person to be with, but I work with a great team and they keep coming to work and just getting it done, so I keep going, sometimes more for their sake than mine.
I have the worst case of startitis… on the needles at the moment I have a lap blanket for my Nanna, who’s in a nursing home, a jumper for The Man, the very beginnings of a shawl for me, a Sack-Boy for The Boy, and a short cardigan/shrug for me. I still haven’t finished my Margot or my knitting olympics cardi.
I’m concentrating on the cardi shrug at the moment as I’ve found it hard to find reasonably priced tops that I like for work in summer, but I’ve found heaps of great singlet tops. I don’t feel comfortable leaviing my shoulders bare at work so I’m aiming to make a number of little shrugs and short cardis to cover my shoulders. This will be number two in the collection (the first being my February Lady).
The other big thing in my life at the moment is choir. I’ve been a member of Vox Populus, the community choir of the Queensland Youth Choir for almost a year now. We are in final rehearsals for our Gala Concert next Saturday and I still have a bit to learn. It’s all sounding amazing though – I just hope I can learn the two last songs well enough to be confident without my sheet music next Saturday.
If you’re in Brisbane next weekend and in the mood for some great choral music, we’re singing at Brisbane Boys Grammar next Saturday from 6.30pm. It’s not just my choir, it’s all of the QYC ensembles, plus a number of special items. Tickets are available at the door (Adults: $20, Concession: $15, Children: $10 ).

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  1. I've also been dealing with bouts of startitis lately - want to cast on everything in sight, but no commitment to complete a thing.

    Choir sounds like another fantastic creative outlet. I'm sure the Gala Concert will go beautifully!