Saturday, July 3, 2010

Has anyone seen my life? Oh yeah, I packed it in a box...

We move into our new house on Tuesday. That's providing there are no issues with settlement on Monday, but I've been as much of a control freak as I can and chased everyone up on this side and I think everything is now actually out of my control now.

Virtually everything is in boxes or bags or suitcases or plastic crates and everything else will be following suit tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my sanity is packed along with them. At least I hope it is, because I sure as hell can't find it anymore.

I know just about everyone says this when they move, but I had no idea we had so much stuff.

I have finished the knitting on my Citron, but there are six balls of yarn in it and the yarn was full of knots so there are about four million ends to sew in. I've put it aside for the moment and I'm working on several pairs of Saartjes Booties for all the babies who are due among my workmates at the moment. I also finished a little baby knitted t-shirt that was sitting almost finished in the UFO pile. No photos yet as I can't find the camera. It's probably in the box with my sanity.

I've signed up for my first swap, for Christmas in July with Brisbane Stich 'n Bitch. I hope that I'll be able to have something nice completed even with next week being totally messed around with moving. I'm nervous but I'm sure I can make something passable, and make up any shortfalls with chocolate!

We had a trivia night for the choir tonight. My team won best decorated table (we were black and white and had streamers, tablecloths, stuffed animals and everything) and we also won the quiz. It was a fun night.

To make it all a bit bizarre, some local students were filming a scene for a short film just outside where we were having the quiz, and they asked us all to be extras in a party scene.. It was meant to be a scene at a "teenage" party so everyone over 30 and everyone under 12 had to stand up the back, probably so they could keep us out of focus. Somehow I don't think this is going to be my ticket to stardom!

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