Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some late New Years Resolutions

I'm procrastinating about going through the holiday photos and compressing them for the web, or purchasing a Flickr pro account (I know which one's going to win, the Flickr pro account is much easier!)

So until I get that sorted out - some time this afternoon, I think - I will leave you with some resolutions for this year. Mostly I think that New Year's resolutions are a bit silly, as reviewing your life probably shouldn't be restricted to once a year, so maybe these are just some things I need to keep in mind this year. Call them what you will.

1. Purchase less yarn, use more of what I already have.  
I bought a lot of yarn in 2009. Due to the small size of our house and the blatant inadequacy of our storage capacity, there's quite a lot of yarn in all kinds of crazy places - in bags alongside the couch, under my desk, on my bookshelf, as well as the normal places like my knitting drawer, my wardrobe, and a stack of boxes in the shed. I'm not sure I've reached SABLE, but there's a lot there, and I could probably knit quite comfortably for the next year without running out, and without having to touch the acrylic. And the budget would be more comfortable with less money going out, too.

2. Pay more attention to my body.
I've been ignoring myself this last year, pushing through pain in my wrist, back, leg and arm, and allowing stress to get to me without doing anything about it. I've also been having a lot of late nights and sleeping badly, which has just made everything worse. It has all resulted in lingering pain, injury and scariness with my arm going numb just before Christmas. I think if I pay attention to what's going on, I can deal with the niggly stuff early, and prevent it getting worse. Well, it sounds like a good idea, anyway....

3. Pay less attention to my weight.
I had an eating disorder when I was younger and I think I retain a bit of a tendency to get obsessive about my weight. I'm lucky enough to be smack bang in the middle of the healthy weight range and I should be able to tell by how my clothes fit if I'm getting off track. I don't need to get on the scales every single morning and I certainly don't need to care about the decimal points in my weight, as I have been lately.

4. Eat better.
I eat a lot of crap. I resolve to attempt to eat more vegetables and less garbage. I resolve to try not to skip meals.

5. Exercise more.
This is a hard one. I am lazy. I get tired very easily, and with my Crohn's mostly under control, I no longer have the excuse of the chronic anaemia I had for years. I guess anything has got to be an improvement.

6. Hoard less.
I inherited the hoarder gene from my Dad. I'm not as bad as he is, and certainly not as bad as people I've seen on TV who cannot bring themselves to throw anything away, but I definitely keep some stuff that has no foreseeable purpose and should be discarded, donated or repurposed.

So there it is - that's what I'm going to be trying to keep in mind this year. What about you?


  1. Welcome back! No resolutions for me. I know what I should be doing for good health and now that the Yule season is over it will be easier to stick to it.
    nicola (

  2. Oh My I had to laugh! I am the exact same about exercise AND also hate that I can no longer use the Crohns anaemia excuse, lol! I'm fairly certain most people consider me a hoarder (I have 6 of the extra large plastic storage bins filled with fabric and one with yarn for knitting which I only just started doing mid last year, lol), I have to say I am eating better thanks to a PCOS and insulin resistance diagnosis threatening to kill me in my mid forties, gulp, no more refined sugar or flour for me thanks very much.
    My resolutions are to take life one minute at a time and to worry only about the moment right in front of me not down the track. oh and to really get my business properly up and running, I hate being totally reliant on someone else for $, it sucks.