Monday, December 21, 2009

Going for a ride in a machine that goes "Whirrrrrr"

I've been having some problems with my right arm lately. On two occasions I've had a sensation as though I'm recovering from pins and needles - slight tingling in my hand and a very slight numbness and heavyness in my whole arm. I had it a week or so ago and it went away, only to come back again on the weekend.

I saw a Doctor this morning and got sent off this afternoon for a CT scan of my head and neck - the head to rule out anything obviously wrong in my brain, and the neck to see if I have anything impinging on a nerve.

The whole experience was a little bit of an anticlimax, actually. The process is very streamlined - fill out your forms; wait for a while; get taken into a large room dominated by a machine that looks like a massive white donut on it's edge, with a bed on rails set up to go through the donut hole; lie down on said bed and keep really still while the machine whirrs at you for a while and the bed slides in and out of the donut hole.

Then the nice radiologist lady (I'm sure it doesn't have to be a lady, and it's even possible that they don't have to be nice) comes out and tells you that it's all over and you get to go back out to the foyer to wait for them to print up your x-rays.

All over in about 20 minutes, and that included filling out the forms and waiting. The actual scanning took maybe 2-3 minutes..

The longest part of the process will be waiting for the results. I can get them from the GP on Wednesday morning. I have a huge pile of x-ray films in an envelope on the table. I've even had a look at some of them, and while I can recognise brain and spine, there's no way I could tell if anything was going on. I can tell that everything in my brain appears to be homogenous and nothing really looks obviously lumpy in the brain scans, which I'm going to take as a good thing.


  1. I hope everything is fine. CT scans give you a very high dose of radiation so you don't want to have too many of those.

    I can't seem to comment with my wordpress ID on here, so using my google one.... nicolaknits,

  2. Hope everything is fine, hopefully it is just overuse of your arm