Monday, June 15, 2009

On being absent.

I believe very strongly in the concept of hand-written communication but I do very little of it. Often it seems like I don't have enough to say so I'll not even start, or I'll start and add bits slowly until I realise that the bit at the beginning is old news and is either already known to the recipient due to alternate communication or so old as to be pointless and I throw the letter away. And then often I end up thinking.... I've left this so long that catching up with this person will just make it really clear how slack I've been by not keeping in touch with them. And so it is with the blog at the moment. I haven't posted in months, as when I was available to post I never felt like I had anything to say, and now a lot has happened and there just seems to be so much to catch up on that it seems an insurmountable task. So in the interests of actually posting anything at all, I'm not even going to try and catch up. I'll just deal with things as they come to mind and hope they make at least some sort of sense.

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