Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First, when there's nothing but a slow, glowing dream.

I overstretched at my jazz class last week and had trouble even walking normally right up until Sunday. I took it a lot easier last night and so far I've only had a few twinges. My dance teacher Wendy said that they'd broken me in last week and that this week would be better. So far so good.

I enjoyed the jazz classes so much that I wanted to do more dancing. So I'm going to start ballet tomorrow night. I'm a bit nervous but I'm looking forward to it.

Work has been a bit of a nightmare lately and I'm in one of those periods where it seems really hard to please any of our customers. Still, my team seem to be happy and I'm really proud of the work they're doing. But I'm still feeling like I'm a real bottleneck and I can't get on top of the mountain of work in front of me.

I've been knitting in every spare moment and in less than a week I've got the bottom 20cm done of a jumper for me. I'm knitting it in the round so the front and back get done together. Between that and the dance classes I'm chilling out reasonably well out of work hours. Oh, except for the driving lessons, which despite getting easier still throw tiny moments of terror into my weekends. I drove at 100km/hr on the freeway last weekend for the first time ever and even successfully managed a lane-change (although I did inadvertantly slow down significantly during the manoeuvre...Thanks to the lovely lady behind me for slowing down too!). My instructor is talking about booking the test soon and I have a 2hr lesson on Sunday to spend a lot of time around the testing area....It's getting to the pointy end of the process and I'm nervous.... I've just got to keep thinking how good it's going to feel to put those P plates on my little purple car. :)

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