Monday, November 17, 2008

Take me back to you, it's been a long time.....

If there's one thing that Jon Stevens does well, it's scream. If the Noiseworks concert a couple of weeks ago is anything to go by, Brisbanites the right side of thirty* are pretty good at screaming right back at him.

A couple of months ago, while listening to some old music late one night, The Man mentioned that he'd like to see some of the old bands live. I commented that at least one of them had to still be playing somewhere.... We happened to be listening to a Noiseworks song at the time so they were the first band I checked....Lo and behold, they were playing at the Tivoli on the 7th of November.

So we sent the Boy off to Grandma and Grandad's for the evening and toddled off to the Valley for a night out.

We installed ourselves about 10m from the stage and stayed put right through the opening acts - Move Trees, (who I quite liked - go to their MySpace page and listen to 'I found you') and Taxiride (who were okay - but the only songs I enjoyed were the ones they'd originally released as singles, the others were totally forgettable, and they seemed a little too self-interested to really be taken seriously).

And then the lights dimmed and the dulcet tones of "Touch" filled the hall. I have to admit I was doing a fair amount of the afore-mentioned screaming. Not the "aaah aaaaaaaaah Jon Stevens is soo sexy I want to have his babies aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah" type of screaming that seemed to be coming from all around us, emanating from women who really were old enough to know better, but the yelling out all the lyrics I could remember at the top of my lungs type of screaming.

We had a ball, right up until the strange jumpy woman to my left realised that she really couldn't do a proper job of groping her boyfriend with the one hand she had free and rectified this situation by flinging the empty beer bottle that was occupying her other hand onto my left foot.

A short walk, (or hobble) and the purchase of a Move Trees EP later we were in a taxi on the way..... home (we're getting too old for staying out that late) to drift off to sleep with No Lies playing over and over in our heads. Aah.

All together now... No lies, no lies, do it again.....

* the high side. Of course.

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