Sunday, February 17, 2008

A cardi update

The eyelet cardi is nearly finished.

This is what it looked like last week before the sleeves and main ribbing were finished.

I decided I needed new needles to finish off the sleeves and thanks to the lovely Janette at Yarns Galore my 3.5mm/30cm Addi Turbos arrived on Friday. I finished the sleeves yesterday and gave it a wash/soak to set the stitches before picking up for the front and neck bands.

Here it is soaking in the baby bath on the floor of the shower.

Here is the pile of towels waiting to dry the cardi, with the bottle of handy dandy Martha Gardeners Wool Mix in the eucalyptus fragrance that induced The Boy to walk past asking "what is that smell?"

And here is the cardi itself, drying on the dining room table.

When it's all dry, I've just got the front bands, the neckline and a couple of tiny underarm sleeves and the ends to weave in, then she's all finished.

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