Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Twas the Wednesday before Christmas

As is always the case at this time of year, there's lots going on. I am exhausted and lacking enthusiasm for pretty much anything. It's one of those times when I am reminded of "Doug's Proximity to the Toilet Rule", which states that "The closer you get to something you desperately want, the harder it is to wait". He was a smart man, my husband. That rule not only works for the toilets mentioned in its name, but also for holidays, payrises, and many other things. Its relevence to me personally at this time is that I can't wait for my holiday to Sydney next week. Only three days to go, but my goodness they're stretching out to 4million times their length at the moment.

My Christmas knitting is almost finished. I got the handle finished and felted for the third and last of the Christmas Mystery bags and it's currently tied between my wardrobe and chest of drawers stretching out its kinks before I attach it to said bag tonight. Then there's only Gracie's Christmas stocking to finish (and Anna's stocking to find - somehow I've managed to misplace the thing about three times in the last couple of weeks....I know it's in the house somewhere though, so that's a start). I'm past the heel on Gracie's stocking so there's only a couple of inches of "foot" and the toe to go, then a little bit of weaving in ends. Hopefully it will be finished in time to drop in on Saturday.

I finally bought a wool winder for making my winding of balls of wool easier than it is by hand. I won an ebay auction the other day for $30, and I'm pretty happy about it. I'll be happier when I have it in my hot little hands though. :)

My feet hurt. I went shopping on the weekend with some of the girls from work, out at the DFO (Direct Factory Outlets) at Jindalee. I did pretty well, with a gorgeous black and white cocktail dress for Leisl and Nick's wedding in March, a great new bag for work, so all my stuff can fit in it and The Man can stop complaining about me being the bag lady with 3 bags every day (I know it's excessive, but it's my thing, okay?) and some body scrub I really wanted. But that's not the reason my feet hurt. I also got some really gorgeous Merrill lace up leather shoes, which are supremely comfortable everywhere except at the back of my ankle, where they come up a little bit high and are bruising me so that it hurts there when I walk. I am persevering with them, which I don't know if I should be doing, but I'm being a bit stubborn at the moment and A STUPID PAIR OF SHOES ARE NOT GOING TO BEAT ME!

I had a bit of a funny scare yesterday when my eyes suddently went funny and I had an experience where everything off to the right looked like ripply water. I went to the doctor and it went away while I was waiting... He reckons that there's nothing obviously wrong (ie, no detached retinas, etc) so I just have to see if it happens again.

And in family news, my Nanna is getting a pacemaker today. I think that's taking the idea of a "little heartstarter for Christmas" just a little bit far but the Docs think it's the best course of action to avoid some health problems she's been having. I believe it's all fairly routine now, but I'm thinking of her today.

Just in case I don't post again before Chrissy, I hope you all have a brilliant and joyous festive season wherever and with whoever you are. Peace and Goodwill to all men and women and children and animals and plants and all that stuff.


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