Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Looooong Time no post

Wow, it's been so long since I've been here that I'd forgotten my blogger password. Sorry.

I've been quite busy lately and have been filling in all my spare time with madly attempting to finish a couple of knitting projects - a jumper for my neice (which she will probably grow too big for before it's finished, at this rate) and a cardigan and pants suit for a friend's little boy who's due very soon.

A potted history of the last couple of months.

July - I turned 33, The Man went to Perisher for a week with a friend, and with Lalla looking after The Boy for the weekend I took the opportunity for a whirlwind trip to Sydney for two days. I took Mum to the theatre to see Company (loved it), had dinner with the family in J & D's new flat, which isn't actually so new but I hadn't seen it, visited Uncle George in hospital, visited Grandma and Grandad and drove Mum and Dad down to Dad's hangar, where he took the Chipmunk, which he'd just sold, for a final flight, involving me in the back seat feeling uncomfortable during the extremely tame aerobatic maneuver he managed to do before I sheepishly asked him not to do any more. (For those who know about such things, I couldn't handle a wingover.....I'm such a wuss)

August - We planned and packed and headed off for our trip to ski in Queenstown in NZ (12th-19th August). We had a great time and despite some difficulties and a little bit of a tantrum one morning, I did manage to improve my skiing over the week. I keep meaning to write a great long report, but I haven't got to it yet, which means I probably never will. (My road to hell is well and truly paved up to about knee deep by now with all my good intentions!). Anyway, if you want to see some footage from the first part of our trip, including me skiing slowly in a state of great concentration, here it is.

Things have been up and down with Uncle George - they moved him out of the high dependency ward into Rehab, then he got pneumonia, but Dad told me today that yesterday he was the best Dad has seen him since he went into hospital. He is cheerful and eating well, which is really great news.

I've been in my new job for nearly 14 weeks now. Gee time flies! I had my first performance review last week and it was quite good. I'm soooooo glad I left my old job. I've got an appointment to have afternoon tea with a couple of the people from my old team on Friday. I miss them, but not the job. I'm so much happier now with my work, and it's amazing what a difference that makes to your general well-being.

My personal training sessions are going well - at least I'm increasing the amount of weight I work out with (up to 7kg in each hand for squats and lunges) and there seem to be some muscles making an appearance! Who knew! I'm getting more and more convinced that all personal trainers are closet sadists, though, because my pt pushes me until it really hurts on the end of each set.....but that's nothing to how much it hurts the next day! Thank goodness I'm starting to see some benefits in my strength and body size (jeans are getting a little loose) because it's not easy to go back for that pain every week!

We just popped outside and checked out the start of the lunar eclipse. I thought the moon would be below the hill across the road for most of the start of the eclipse but it's well and truly above the hill. Not much to see yet, and it's a little cloudy so not as easy to see as it could be, but we'll keep looking!

Happy Birthday to Sharon, Uncle Peter, Grandma, Aunty Pam, Uncle George and Jill, who have all registered one number higher since I last posted.!

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