Sunday, June 10, 2007

I love long weekends

I love that it's Sunday night and I don't have to go to work tomorrow. Love the new job, but love Mondays off too!

We went shopping today to get new long-sleeved shirts for The Boy, and we went to the movies and saw Shrek the Third as well. I realise it's been getting some less than favourable reviews but I kinda liked it. It wasn't fall-off-your-chair funny, but The Man and I both giggled in parts. The Boy was pretty good and only occasionally made his own commentary ("Why do these ads have to go so long?", "He's a nasty man, he's a nasty man!").

And in work-related news, my new company got sold on Friday to an American company. No idea yet what they're going to do with everything, but I've got to hope that my bosses, knowing they were selling the company, wouldn't have recruited me if they knew it was unlikely I'd have a future longer than two weeks! The Man keeps telling me that I've just got to go with the flow, and I'm trying, but it's a little difficult to go from a not-so-great job to being unemployed to finding a great job and then having this new uncertainty. Oh well. We'll know more on Tuesday when the new bosses come in to meet us.

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